Our mission is to advance the education, health and well-being of pupils, teachers and communities associated with our three Ugandan schools.


We do this through providing teachers, clean water, brick buildings for classrooms, school meals, a boarding house, and large farming projects to enable self sufficiency.


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Children walking home after school

At Lady Grace we have now been able to flatten the land which we purchased most recently. This is immediately behind the school buildings and will be good for a sports field. In due course we would also like to build more teachers accommodation here as it is a large plot.


Rock of Joy Lugala. We are delighted to report that after a long wait we now completed a new classroom bock at Lugala. These three extra classrooms have enabled us to separate the nursery school off from the primary school and give bright classrooms with plenty of space to learn.


This new classroom block completes brick classrooms for Lady Grace Primary School which is a major achievement. We still need to provide a block for the nursery school.

This school is thriving and the exam results for entry into secondary school are now as good as the first of our schools which 5 miles away at Rock of Joy Masaka

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Traditionally toilets in Uganda have been very deep holes with a wooden platform and a hole. These are very unhygienic and are surrounded by flies, maggots and smells. The government has wisely decided to get schools to put in septic tanks with flushing toilets to educate the students about better hygiene. However these are expensive to install as they need completely new toilet blocks with ceramic toilets, septic tanks and a system to reclaim rain water, store it and pump it up into a header tank. Our first full flushing toilets are now being built with funds raised by West Kirby Grammar School and others.

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