Our mission is to advance the education, health and well-being of pupils, teachers and communities associated with our three Ugandan schools.


We do this through providing teachers, clean water, brick buildings for classrooms, school meals, a boarding house, and large farming projects to enable self sufficiency.


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Team 2 in Lungujja

By rockofjoy, Jul 30 2019 08:29PM

Greetings from Steph & Team 2, we can't believe that we are almost half way through our last week! Time is flying now.

We are settled into Lungujja & the Kimbowa's & home being well fed - with chips for tea tonight.

We've had to order more nets as all the 300 have been put up by the terams here. The community are now coming & asking us to come to their homes to put up nets.

We've had fun doing holiday club with all of the nursery section & they all left today with a headband: with large listening ears attached after listening to the story of Mary & Martha.

The team have been working with classes on community clean ups - it feels like a drop in the ocean but it's getting the children thinking about the rubbish that they throw away & using the compost pits. Hopefully over time this will filter through to the whole community.

The girls have been working with approx 80 girls sewing sanitary pads each day. They have nearly finished so we are giving them all the donated knickers.

I was sitting cross legged on the floor for 2 hours so am now looking for 2 new hips. The Ugandan girls were laughing when I was trying to hobble around getting the feeling back in my legs!

Today the water has gone off so the team are learning new skills like how to flush a toilet with a jerry can & not to flush after everytime! We are so eco friendly!

We were going to do washing today but no water & rain on & off it was not possible so one team member will continue to wear one clean & one dirty sock & rotate each day. I will leave you to guess if it's your child!

They are learning to forward plan clean underwear so allow for the unexpected!

So we will continue - slightly more grubby but ever cheerful.

We do have clean bottles of drinking water in case you were worried.


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